Tether launches eurt

Most of us know tether because of being involved in a controversy over its funds during the last months. Tether, creator of a usdt token, has announced the creation of a euro tether (eurt) that is issued over the ethereum blockchain and will be compatible with the erc20 standard.

Tether launches eurt token hype.

Trending google trends. Zhao dong, a shareholder at bitfinex, verified the report reasserting the already made claims of tether launching a new stablecoin.

Tether launches eurt

The main difference is the eurts will be backed by euros and not by dollars. Tether announced the launch of a new crypto euro-coin eurt, issued on the omni layer protocol.

Tether launches euro tether after controversial digital.

Home markets news cryptocurrencies news tether launches a new erc-20 stablecoin. Tether has announced the launch of euro-coin (eurt), a digital token backed by euros tradeable and transferable over the bitcoin blockchain.

Tether launches eurt

Blockchain platform tether launches euro-coin announcements august 17, 2016 by david pimentel. Long island business news.

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Blockchain platform tether launches euro-coin blocktribune.

According to the company, the ethereum-based tether allows for tokenized usd and eur to be transferred over the ethereum network. Countless vexing problems blockchain.

At least 17 people were taken to area hospitals after an emergency medical situation was called at a meat company on the south side. The new decentralized coin allows the transfer of digital assets priced in usd into euros cheaper over the bitcoin blockchain.

Every tether is always 100 backed by our reserves, which include traditional currency and cash equivalents and, from time to time, may include other assets and receivables from loans made by tether to third parties, which may include affiliated entities (collectively, reserves). Tether (usdt) is a digital token that is backed by fiat currency, in this case by us dollars.