She called drunk pelosi

Id president donald trump share a video of nancy pelosi that was doctored to make it appear that she was drunk? Result home wallets eth.

No, that drunk pelosi video wasnt doctored dan bongino.

The fact that she called this the crowned-jewel of american humanitarianism makes me wonder what he hell she has been smoking. The washington post used this as an opportunity to draw attention to the supposed epidemic of faked pelosi videos being shared on social media nowadays.

She called drunk pelosi

Hillary clinton lied when she called drunk pelosi sexist trashop-edaccording to hillary clinton, donald trump is terrified - as evidenced by his retweeting of the drunk pelosi video, which she called sexist. Before her mother is set to meet with president trump and other congressional leaders at the white house over border security, alexandra pelosi offers insight into how likely incoming house.

Pelosi videos, altered to make her seem drunk, are.

Hillary clinton lied when she called drunk pelosi sexist trash ethereum 0 ccn hillary clinton slammed president donald trump and his cronies over the infamous drunk nancy pelosi video, calling it sexist trash. Clinton even suggested the incumbent presidents decision to tweet the pelosi video is evidence that he is running scared.

She called drunk pelosi

Says luno ceo. George orwells novel 1984is among the dystopian novels finding new readerships since trumps election.

Drawing straws to decide an election might seem unusual - but thats what happened after a uk council vote was tied. Ana berman goldman sachs.

Is she drunk? Nancy pelosi delivers severely incoherent speech.

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Pelosis drunk rant nancy pelosi gave a strange speech to the press corps, a few days ago. Ico advisor julian zegelman.

The bizarre logic behind hillary clintons drunk pelosi attack. Distorted videos of house speaker nancy pelosi, altered to make her sound as if shes drunkenly slurring her words, are spreading rapidly across social media as congress and the white house.