Samsung coin? trademark

Also, the leading social networking service firm facebook will very soon launch its own coin known as libra. Integrate bitcoin improvement.

A korean man is seeking to trademark samsungs.

Fake news story claims michelle obamas mom will receive a government pension for living in the white house. As per the filing, it appears that nam-jin is seeking to trademark the name in both its korean spelling in hangul as well as in english.

Samsung coin? trademark

Samsung has dispelled rumors that a trademark 5 (tm5) filed on the name samsung coin with the korean intellectual property office (kipo) is in any way affiliated with the south korean tech giant. Investment contract’ analysis.

Smartphone maker samsung has denied any connection to samsung coin, despite a trademark filing emerging for the new technology. This fact might have become one of the reason why this person has thought of launching samsung coin.

Samsung coin? trademark

This video compilation shows the spread of fire up grenfell tower west london. Samsung coin trademark filing unaffiliated with samsung july 19, 2019 cointelegraph blockchain , cryptocurrencies , samsung , south korea , wallet 0 this article was originally posted on cointelegraph - an independent publication covering cryptocurrency, the blockchain, decentralized applications, the internet of finance and the next gen web.

Texas securities commission has. The south korea-based company has supported cryptocurrency in the past with its galaxy s10 built-in wallet, but has not announced plans to issue a native token.

Samsung denies connection to samsung coin despite.

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Adds five new. On july 10, kim nam-jin applied for a trademark 5 (tm5) on the name samsung coin with the korean intellectual property office (kipo).

Samsung has denied involvement with the samsung coin trademark filed by an individual under the name of kim nam-jin. Someone in south korea appears to be trying to take advantage of samsungs blockchain efforts by nabbing the samsung coin trademark.