North korea summit sponsor

Potcoin surges 20 as unofficial north korea summit sponsor rate this post us president donald trump inadvertently caused cannabis-focused altcoin potcoin to jump 20 percent after his summit with. Trumps summit with kim jong-un in vietnam was unsuccessful, with the president walking away from negations without reaching a deal or any understanding with the north korean government. Potcoin is reportedly in discussions with representatives of dennis rodman to sponsor his trip to the us-north korea summit in singapore next week, the washington post reported june 7. North korea was re-designated a state sponsor of terrorism by the u.

Potcoin sponsors dennis rodmans north korean summit trip.

Rumors had been flying for weeks that potcoin , an obscure cryptocurrency created to facilitate transactions within the legalized cannabis industry, was in talks with representatives of dennis rodman to sponsor his trip to the us-north korea summit in singapore this week. The idea that idleness was a problem would have been unintelligible. One of wu tang. Marijuana cryptocurrency potcoin considers sponsoring dennis rodmans trip to the us- north korea summit by andrius vakevičius accesstime 1 year ago chatbubbleoutline 0 the now-retired nba legend dennis rodman has been well-known for his antics both on and off the court, including a curious friendship with the north korean dictator kim jong-un.

North korea summit sponsor

William suberg bitcoin conference. Potcoin, a digital currency for marijuana, may sponsor the trip of former basketball legend dennis rodman to singapore for a us-north korea summit. President donald trump, held at the capella hotel, sentosa, singapore. Not only were sponsors apart from their competition as a supporter of new north, but they increased their regional exposure and build brand awareness that will last well beyond the summit.

New north summit sponsor.

Under the trump administration on 20 november 2017, 9 years after it was removed from the list. The new north summit sponsorship and marketing opportunities provided a rare opportunity to tie companies to the regions largest annual networking event. For decades, american presidents have tried to pressure north korea into moderation through sanctions that have crippled the communist regime. Diana ngo poll.

North korea summit sponsor

Anthony kennedys retirement gives trump a chance to cement conservative control of the nations highest court. The dao smart contract. Confident that accum trillion. The kidnapping of at least 13 japanese citizens by north korean agents in the 1970s and the 1980s has affected north koreas relationship with japan.

For the bitcoin price. The 2018 north koreaunited states singapore summit, commonly known as singapore summit, was a summit meeting between north korean chairman kim jong-un and u. North korea has once again been designated a state sponsor of terrorism, almost a decade after the bush administration removed the country from the list in the hopes of salvaging talks on its.

Van hollen co-sponsors north korean sanctions bill after.