Ifoods chain ico

Ifoods chain is a free chain that seeks to cleanse the supply chain in the food industry by leveraging the benefits of the blockchain technology and smart contracts to construct a decentralized.

Ifoods chain ico is in progress on leekico, only 2 days.

Features in order to inspect and ascertain food quality, users of the ifoods chain will have two tools at their disposal - the super probe and the dapp application.

Based on the blockchain technology, dai and intelligent device, ifoods chain provides a platform for fast food detection and protects food safety.

Dropchain is an end-to-end supply chain ecosystem addressing the need for transparency and traceability in the 1.

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Following its successful unveiling in the blockchain festival that was held in ho chi minh city in vietnam, ifoods chain is now on leekico where it has managed a successful run with only two days remaining.

Ifoods chain (ifood) ico ratings & details cryptototem.

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Powered by an industry-first gamified, tokenized incentive structure using blockchain technology, we reward physical distribution channels driving real participation and engagement in modern supply chains.