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The last glacial maximum (lgm) was the most recent time during the last glacial period that ice sheets were at their greatest extent. I dont understand cleary the difference between during the last decade and during the past decade.

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During the last few days adv während der letzten tage for the last half hour adv seit einer halben stunde for the last time, no! Vast ice sheets covered much of north america, northern europe, and asia and profoundly affected earths climate by causing drought, desertification, and a large drop in sea levels.

Last glacial period - wikipedia.

Nein, nein und nochmals nein!idiom for the last time, no! For the last two years während der letzten beiden jahre he always wants the last word.

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While the general pattern of global cooling and glacier advance was similar, local differences in the development of glacier advance and retreat make it.

During this last glacial period there were alternating episodes of glacier advance and retreat. Max yakubowski survey.

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