Critic nouriel roubini says

In an article published on marketwatch, crypto critic nouriel roubini affirmed that the risk of a financial market has developed significantly, mainly due to president trump.

Regulator calls for investors.

Critic nouriel roubini says

Bolivian central bank.

Crypto is more centralized than north korea, says dr.

Nouriel roubini and michael novogratz sparred over bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in a debate wednesday at the salt 2019 conference in las vegas.

Roubini, famous for his correct prediction of the 2007-2008 collapse and more recent debates with bitmexs arthur hayes, said that maybe bitcoin is a partial store of value.

Arch cryptocurrency critic nouriel roubini wasted no time on tuesday in denouncing facebooks libra stablecoin a scam to cream as much profit as possible from the dow 30 companys billions of users.

Trumps flirting with mutually assured economic destruction says crypto critics nouriel roubini.

He is one of the few economists who predicted the financial crisis of 2008 correctly, and he could be right this time around as well.

Nouriel roubini is well recognized for his work, so his warning regarding a global recession and financial crisis shouldnt be taken lightly.

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